Energy Transition

Our Energy Solutions product portfolio has been successfully deployed in the field since 2010.

Outperformance in Field Trials

In 2016, with a focused R&D program and a highly experienced development partner in BP and BP Ventures, product formulations and production processes were fine-tuned to deliver accelerated outperformance in the field over any other existing chemistry, creating a portfolio of asset specific surfactant and polymer chemistry blends. 

AI Analytics

We are now proud to announce the launch of ResiStim, our AI Powered Biosolutions software tool to analyse, diagnose, model and test chemistry performance in the lab on specific well characteristics data.

No well is the same and we know this just as well as you. That’s why ResiStim’s final recommended product blends are tested on simulated samples of your asset to determine the chemical recovery rate, before being deployed in the field.

Your success is our investment.

Energy Transition - Recovery and Remediation of Orphan Wells

Our AI powered tailored chemistry solutions have been so successful at stimulating and remediating dead wells, we are now able to offer operators an economical alternative to new carbon intensive exploration. 

Our Energy solutions team has delivered outstanding results in the space of abandoned well restimulation and remediation, recovering remaining assets, toxic chemistry previously deployed and remediating the field for other future use.


Connect with us today to see how we can help your assets reach their full potential. 


Our complete Energy Solutions portfolio includes:

  • Well Stimulation and Remediation Chemistry
  • Industrial Cleaners
  • Surface Remediation
  • Water Treatment


Cleaners and Remediation

Accell Clean SWA  US EPA approved Surface Washing Agent for shore line clean up.  Also useful as general all purpose industrial cleaner, rig cleaner and equipment cleaning.

Accell Clean DWD  US EPA approved Deep Water Dispersant for environmentally sensitive off shore dispersant.

Accell Clean SBR  Soil BioRemediation for augmenting bio-remediation of contaminated soil.


Upstream Production Chemistry

PSC Frac1    A premium stimulation chemistry for unconventional oil and gas to enhance hydrocarbon production and as a flow back aid.  Optimized for shale or also for use in sandstone reservoirs for conventional fracturing or general stimulation treatments.

 PSC Frac3A   A premium stimulation chemistry for unconventional oil and gas to enhance production and flowback.   Optimized for calcite rich shale or tight carbonate oil or gas completions.

PSC Frac7   A general purposes oil and gas surfactant or mutual solvent with excellent performance.  Good for all around usage and tighter budgets.

 PSC AB2 –Stimulation surfactant used in combination with acid treatments.  Ideal for single well restimulation in carbonate or calcite rich formations.  Water wets the formation, lowers IFT, removes scale in the tube, perforations and near wellbore formation.

 PSC EOR1  Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for conventional water flood tertiary recovery.

 PSC MEZ49 Microemulsion used for treatment of paraffin, asphaltene and heavy oil EOR.

 PSC MEH15  Microemulsion used for combined treatment with HCl.   Good for restimulation of older wells and treatment of a variety of issues including paraffin, asphaltene, scale, and hydrocarbon stimulation.

 PSC MEB20  Microemulsion optimized for very high temperature, carbonate rock formations.  Used as stimulation chemistry and flowback aid for tight gas completions, and general chemical treatments of oil and gas wells in carbonate formations. 

PSC Pickle Plus  High flash point solvent treatment.   Potential replacement for xylene, hot oil or kerosine well treatments.   Good for cleaning drilling jewels, drill pipe.  Can be used diluted in spacer fluid formulations prior to cementing.

 PSC HVFR  High Viscosity Friction Reducer polymer used in unconventional completion as well as coiled tubing applications.

 EcoAcid  A modified organic acid used during hydraulic fracturing.  Safe to transport, human and environmentally safe, safe on equipment.   Used in wireline operations, spearhead acid treatment and coiled tubing applications.