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Pure Fermentation

Zero Deforestation

Superior Chemistry

Natural Outperformance

Removing petrochemicals from our

Water Resources

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Chemical Industry

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Marine Friendly

Our fermentation chemistry is proudly marine life and human waterways friendly.

Our environmental certifications include US EPA Safer Choice, Organic Materials Institute (OMRI), International Maritime Organization (IMO), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Brazil Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), California Fish and Wildlife and are certified for discharge at sea.

Advanced BioCatalytics

Advanced BioCatalytics is a global leader in biosurfactant solutions, harnessing nature’s biopathways to innovate carbon negative chemicals manufacturing. We are committed to finding healthy solutions for the planet and its people.

Specialty Chemicals with a Purpose

Biosurfactants are used in everyday products like soap, shampoo, cosmetics, as well as agriculture, industrial cleaners and the energy industry.

Plant-based chemistry is not a long-term solution

Our goal is zero deforestation

The world consumes 16.6 metric tonnes of surfactant chemistry per year. Using palm oil, consumption would require 215,000 square km of rainforest habitat.




Ecosystem Integration

Used biochemistry trickles into waterways, lakes and oceans where it integrates into the food chain as a natural product of fermentation.

By switching from petroleum-based chemistry, to fermentation biochemistry, the consumer has removed chemicals toxic to plant, marine and human health from our ecosystem.

Natural Fermentation

Biosurfactants are produced by non-GMO strains from waste cooking oil, refined to produce powerful surfactant biochemistry and delivered to their environmental deployment site.

Well Remediation

Recovery chemistry is deployed into abandoned wells to restimulate and recover toxic chemistry and remaining assets.

Surface remediation commences returning the soil to its natural symbiotic state through regenerative agriculture pathways.

Enhanced wettability and foaming characteristics
Significant reduction in surface tension for restimulation performance


Which personal care biosurfactant is made for you?

Not sure which one to choose?

We selected our most popular biosurfactants. Compare and choose the best version for your personal care brand.

RL30 Sale price$20.00
BioSS RS Sale price$20.00
SL60 HF Sale price$20.00
Product Features

Very mild, excellent cleanser, can be used in very low concentrations, >30% active material

Strong wetting and foaming abilities, superior foam profile and oil holding capabilities

Very gentle on skin and hair, strong wetting and foaming abilities, >60% active material




Sophorolipid blend



Surfactant (foaming and bubbles)







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