A seedling is the most delicate stage of the growth journey. Together with its natural pesticidal properties, our fermentation products provide a gentle alternative to petrochemical adjuvants. 

With increasing focus on toxic contaminants in our drinking table from agricultural products, switching to our fermentation-derived biochemistry gives your business peace of mind when it comes to human, marine and wildlife impact of agriculture effluent.

  • No organosilicates
  • No NPE’s
  • No petrochemicals
  • Zero impact on deforestation

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SWIFT Wet 100  Soil penetrant used to enhance water movement in hydrophilic soils with added yeast metabolites that promote root growth and healthy microbiome.       

SWIFT Wet 101 OMRI certified soil penetrate with added yeast metabolites for root growth and a healthy microbiome         

SWIFT Wet 200 Soil penetrant used to enhance water movement in hydrophilic coils        

SWIFT Wet 700 – a bio stimulant made from yeast extract, including micronutrients with biosurfactants for wetting and penetration.

SWIFT Wet R/A – agriculture adjuvant compliant with US inert standards found in 40 CFR part 180.  Used as a tank mix wetter, spreader and penetrant.