Circular Economy

We utilizes waste cooking oil from local restaurants as feedstock for our fermentation processes, increasing the sustainability of consumption and resource efficiency to:

Eliminate waste and pollution

From linear to circular, we treat waste as a design flaw in our production processes and seek to ensure waste materials re-enter the ecomony at the end of their use, taking the linear take-make-waste system and making it circular.

Circulate products and materials at their highest value

By keeping products in use as the feedstock for the creation of new materials, we eliminate waste and retain the value of the original material. 

Regenerate nature

We support natural processes and leave more room for nature to thrive. By moving to a regenerative production model, we begin to emulate natural systems and shift the focus from extraction to regeneration. Instead of continuously degrading nature, we build nature capital. There is no waste in nature. 

Our resource efficiency reduces costs, and gives us the power to grow prosperity, jobs and resilience while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollution.