Industrial Cleaners

Deep Water Dispersant (DWD)

Surface Washing Agent (SWA)

We clean booms, equipment, gear, frack tanks, boats and ships at most of theactive port areas.

The following cases explain how Accell® Clean provided superior, rapid cleaning results and cost reductions for the client firms during this period. The dollars savings realized were mostly from laborreductions, which occurred because the Accell® Clean green technology simplified the methodsor procedures used by contractors for cleaning equipment and ships. Additional savings wererealized due to either lower dose rates and/or higher dilutions ofAccell®Clean versus other products being used.

It should be noted that the cleaning agents employed before Accell® Clean were, to a great degree, dependent on very high pH chemicals and other actives which rendered them as hazardous materials. We were informed that workers
using the high pH cleaning materials had frequent handling accidents and people needing medical attention and hospital visits occurred on adaily bases. Once the transition to utilization of Accell® Clean took place, we do not knowof one
case where aworker was injured orrequired a hospitalvisit due toinjury from thecleaningmaterials.

Cleaning oil tank barges (Port Fourchon and Pascagoula)
• Reduced cleaning time from as long as 38 days to 3 days. This provided up to a 92% reduction in labor
time and costs.
Cleaning the outsides of ships (Tampa, Mobile, Theodore, Port Fourchon, La Rose, Pascagoula)
• Reduced cleaning time from 9days to 3days...a67% reduction in time. nI addition, the number of personnel used to do the cleaning wascut inhalf from 4 people to 2 people, representing a 50% reduction in the manpower requirements.
Cleaning the insides of ships(Tampa, Mobile, Theodore Port Fourchon, La Rose, Pascagoula) Reduced cleaning time for cleaning of moon pools and other interior facilities by 50%.

• •

Total cost savings of cleaning a ship using Accell® Clean

Twoalmost identicalships that were equally soiled were cleaned both insidea n doutside. One was cleaned with conventional older technology cleaners and methods, the other with the Accell Clean product and methods. The total cleaning cost comparison of thetwo ships, whichincluded products and labor, showed the savings achieved with Accell® Clean.
The ship cleaned witht h e "old Technology" product cost $100,000 to clean.
The ship cleaned with Accell® Clean cost $36,000 to clean.
Net savings, $64,000 per ship.
Cleaning skimmers and otherequipment (AI DECON sites)
• Cleaning one set of skimmers using old technology cleanersand handrubbing procedures took 6people 2 1⁄2hours for a total of 15 labor hours.
The identical set of skimmers required 2 men less than 1 hour using Accell® Clean for a total of 2 labor hours.

This is an 83% reduction inlabor time. The cleaning processincluded thoroughly removing all oil from the inside and outside of the metal unit and from the tubing and hoses of the skimmer.

 Well abandonment and cementing 

when the well is ready to be abandoned it must be cemented.   cement needs a clean surface to adhere to otherwise it won't hold.   TBC Brinadd is using the EPA approved ABC Surface Washing Agent, plus our Pickle Plus product to clean the well tubing out really good so it can be cemented properly and will protect the environmental.   all the oil oil and grease needs to be cleaned up to get a proper cement adhesion.  i sent hou that document because if Calima is doing well abandonment we could be using these other two products for that activity.